New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Matt Stell, Mackenzie Carpenter, Teddy Robb, & More

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This week’s new music is full of tough love and empowering perspectives. Sometimes love can be used as a tool to tackle life’s challenges, but not every relationship can withstand the tremendous amount of effort that’s involved in this task. As fans listen to this collection of new releases, they should make note of the crisp vocals and pressing vulnerability that each song offers.

From regretful tunes to prayerful tributes and a twinge of freedom, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of stand-out new tunes. 

Here are eight songs you need to hear right now.

Teddy Robb – “Stay Single”

While at first, it seems as though Teddy Robb is embracing his solo journey in his new song, “Stay Single,” he ends up changing his tune when that one special person walks into his life. 

Sitting down to write with Pete Good, James McNair and Brandon Ratcliff, Robb crafts a fresh take on a love story that overrules the desire to be free from the stresses and responsibility of a relationship. 

“You come walkin’ in Start talkin’ then / I’m fallin’ in and baby I’m on fire  / You go takin me and breakin’ me  / Ya can’t ya see you’re makin’ me a liar,” the rising star sings in the push and pull chorus. “When you look at me that way / Ain’t no way I’m gonna stay single.”

Stream the song HERE.

Hannah Ellis – “Someone Else’s Heartbreak” 

The saying, “love is blind” comes into play as Hannah Ellis realizes just how much harder it can be to accept your own advice when trying to help mend “Someone Else’s Heartbreak.” Ellis penned her new song with Josh Kerr and Emily Falvey after bearing witness to her sister’s devastating breakup. While it wasn’t her heart that was directly on the line, she still learned something from the situation. It may seem easy to dish out the obvious to someone else, but as listeners hear through Ellis’ crisp vocals and enchanting melody, the true challenge comes when you’re the one left to digest the advice. 

“From the outside in, it seems so black and white / If this were one of my friends, I could find that silver lining / Oh, but all I see are grey skies, looks like a lifetime of pouring rain / Yeah, you’re gonna be just fine, wouldn’t be so hard for me to say,” Ellis sings in the second verse. 

Stream the song HERE.

Reyna Roberts – “Another Round (feat. Tayler Holder)”

Rising stars Reyna Roberts and Tayler Holder have teamed up for the release of Roberts’ new song, “Another Round.” Written by Roberts alongside Laura Veltz and Jimmy Robbins, this new tune finds the artists giving attention to the red flags in their undefined relationship. Her fictional perspective also brings a new meaning to the phrase, “another round,” as she finally makes the decision to close the tab on her night out and her relationship using her striking vocals. 

“My goal was to create a story that touched on all of the different ways people could be apprehensive to have ‘another round’ in life – whether it’s another round of a relationship, drinks, or any other vice,” Roberts shared. “And at the time I had the idea for this song, I had never been in a relationship, so I wrote the lyrics purely from imagination. Then sometime later when I went through a break-up, I truly understood the feelings behind the music.”

Stream the song HERE.

Mackenzie Carpenter – “Don’t Mess With Exes”

Mackenzie Carpenter elicits a bit of tough love in her new release, which encourages the listener to stray away from their past and “Don’t Mess With Exes.” As she rallies with Nicolle Galyon and Brandon Hood, the singer/songwriter pays tribute to George Strait and his own set of advice that claims Texas and exes don’t mix. Between her sassy tune and hip-swaying melody, Carpenter delivers a painfully honest truth with a touch of nostalgic twang. 

“They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, so I’m just tryin’ to keep y’all from going insane out here,” laughs Carpenter. “I hope this song inspires whoever hears it to move on from what is holding them back and become the best version of themselves. Take my advice, don’t let him fool you twice!”

Stream the song HERE.

Matt Stell – “Shut The Truck Up”

While trucks technically can’t talk, sometimes it feels like the memories they hold are so loud that they really can speak. Matt Stell relates to this feeling as he finds that every inch of his truck reminds him of a past love and leaves him wishing he could just “Shut The Truck Up.” While the title makes for a more lighthearted appearance, the pressing vulnerability and glaring heartbreak that Stell sings about in his new song are nothing but genuine emotions. The gear-turning track is featured on his new EP, ONE OF US, out February 10. 

“I can’t get the rearview off you, wanna rip the thing off / Can’t get your perfume out the bench seat cloth / If a short bed chevy could talk / It’d say, ‘Boy you messed up and it’s all your fault,’” he reveals in the chorus, which he co-wrote with Jessie Jo Dillon and Chase McGill. 

Stream the song HERE.

The War and Treaty – “Ain’t No Harmin’ Me”

Husband-and-wife duo The War And Treaty are blazing their way through the crop of rising new artists with the release of their stand-out single, “Ain’t No Harmin’ Me.” The echoed vocals take flight over the challenges that wouldn’t dare cross their path filled with walls of tough-as-nails love and never-ending spells of courage. This track, penned by the duo and produced by Dave Cobb, serves as a glimpse into their forthcoming milestone album, LOVER’S GAME, which is set to drop on March 10.

“Love is the foundation of our new record and ‘Ain’t No Harmin’ Me’ reminds us that no matter what troubles are waiting around the corner…the power of love will pull us through,” Michael Trotter Jr. said. “We wrote this together as a personal testament to ourselves…we aren’t afraid to face the hard times knowing we have the other by our side. It felt like an awakening for us, and I hope fans can feel that same energy when they hear it.”

Stream the song HERE.

Jay Allen – “No Prayer Like Mama’s”

In honor of the person that touched his life in so many ways and played a huge role in getting him to Nashville, Jay Allen has unveiled his newest song, “No Prayer Like Mama’s.” The country star unfortunately lost his mom to Alzheimer’s disease and is now moving through the grief by upholding the same strength and resilience she taught him through all her scarifies. This soulful song is dedicated to all mothers and the prayers that have guided their children through life.  

“’No Prayer Like Mama’s’ was written after grieving the loss of my own mother,” he shared of the tenured new tune. “That process was a difficult journey, but now I find strength in believing that she’s still with me. I hope this song brings honor to both mothers in heaven and those still with us.” 

Stream the song HERE.

Tyler Booth – “Real Real Country”

It doesn’t get more country than Tyler Booth’s “Real Real Country.” Taking his wicked twang and hard-hitting instrumentals to the next level, the country singer/songwriter salutes his new take on the undefined ground of the genre. Written solely by Booth, the new song puts forth a stylish lick on his sundry capabilities and marks his first release of the year. 

“When I wrote ‘Real Real Country’ I was really just having fun with it and not putting too much pressure on myself as a songwriter,” Booth said. “To me this song bridges a lot of things – modern country to traditional country, and even country music to a little bit of hip-hop. I had a lot of fun experimenting with different kinds of music and seeing where I could land that thing and still be true to myself. I’m really proud of this song because I wrote it by myself, and I think it really reflects who I am as an artist and where I’m heading.”

Stream the song HERE.

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