New Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Alana Springsteen, Kylie Morgan, Danielle Bradbery & More

todayMay 3, 2023

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Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are eight new country songs you need to hear right now.

David Nail – “Best of Me”

Davis Nail is wearing his heart on his sleeve as he tries to reveal the “Best Of Me” in his new song that details him reflecting on the moment he asked his now father-in-law for his blessing. The sentimental tune was written solely by Nail and inspired by the true story of asking for his longtime wife, Catherine’s hand in marriage. As the moment plays out, the singer/songwriter’s tender vocals promise that he will be the best partner that he can be, despite not having much money or a ring. He sings, “I swear to you I’ll love her / Until my dying day / I’ll give her the best of me / If you’ll give her away.”

“People always say the best songs are ones that come from a real place or a real experience. These lyrics, almost word for word, rewind time back to the afternoon I sat in Catherine’s kitchen and told her folks of my intentions — with their blessing of course,” Nail shared in a statement.

Stream the track HERE.

Charles Esten – “A Little Right Now”

Charles Esten is searching to reconnect with his faith in himself as well as his faith in God in his latest release, “A Little Right Now,” off his forthcoming debut album. Preaching to the heavens, the multi-talented artist surrenders his vulnerable truth and pulls the listener in with his agonizing desperation for even a sliver of hope to be sent his way through the prayer-filled track. “A Little Right Now” was penned by Esten with Brian Maher and Jacob Lyda and produced by Marshall Altman. 

“I’m a prisoner / That ain’t got long / I’m a dreamer waiting for my ship to come in,” he sings before diving into the chorus. “But lately all my roads have been running out / And there ain’t no silver linings in these clouds / Help me Lord, show me how / To find the kind of faith that I once found / Cause I can sure use a little right now.”

Stream the track HERE.

Kylie Morgan – “Sugar Daddy”

EMI Records Nashville singer/songwriter, Kylie Morgan, is delivering a sweet message of empowerment in her new song, “Sugar Daddy.” The upbeat tune written by Morgan alongside James McNair and Seth Mosley showcases the value of working for your own success and highlights the advantages of not having to rely on someone else to live the life you want. The female songstress adds a bit of pep into her step as her confident vocals light up the track with a message that goes deeper than a typical windows-down, carefree anthem.

“Make your own money, honey / Wouldn’t life be sweet  / You don’t need a rich man to buy you what you need / Faking love for diamonds, baby, that won’t make you happy  / Fill your own pockets / Be your own sugar daddy,” Morgan delivers in the chorus.  

Stream the track HERE.

Alana Springsteen – “twenty something”

Living in your 20s can feel like the world has so much potential, yet at the same time, you have nothing figured out. Alana Springsteen addresses this state of limbo in the title track of her three-part debut album, TWENTY SOMETHING. The Columbia Records NY/Sony Music Nashville artist-songwriter has practically opened up her diary for listeners to read as she candidly details the emotional rollercoaster of trying to break bad habits, getting regretful tattoos, and dwelling on every flaw, all while learning how to be an adult. However, among the chaos, she finds her way to self-acceptance through the heart-pounding delivery, the stunning set of springs, and her co-writers, Liz Rose, Trannie Anderson and AJ Prius. 

“It’s one of those songs that started falling out because it’s what I desperately needed to say — for myself and for so many twenty somethings out there who were probably going through the same things I was,” Springsteen shared. “I’ve been on so much of a high the last few years, living my best life. And every now and then — more often than I’d like —something happens that reminds me just how much living I have left to do. We think we have everything figured out, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Stream the track HERE.

Robyn Ottolini – “Match for My Memory” 

After breakups, it’s easy to get rid of the physical representations of the relationships like photos and sentimental gifts, but it’s the memories that stuck around and make moving on the toughest part. Robyn Ottolini is uncovering this truth in her new song, “Match for My Memory,” which marks the first release through her new distribution deal with Empire. Co-written by Ottolini and Emily Reid and produced by the platinum-selling duo Mark Schroor and Erik Fintelman, the fresh track paints a painful image of heartbreak as the Canadian singer/songwriter powers through with her outstanding vocals texturized with the hard-hitting melody.

“We’re more important than we think, but you never feel that way right after a breakup,” Ottolini shared in a statement, “This song is a reminder to anyone who’s had someone leave them that you actually are important and unforgettable.”

Stream the track HERE.

Billy Strings – “California Sober” feat. Willie Nelson 

In honor of Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday, the legendary artist has joined forces with Billy Strings on the collaborative new single, “California Sober.” Written by Aaron Allen, Jon Weisberger and William Apostol, the banjo-filled tune marks the first set of new music for Strings since launching his partnership with Reprise Records. Strings and Nelson embrace that old-school country twang as they kick things up a notch with their smooth harmonies, punchy melody and not-so-subtle storyline of the meaning behind the phrase, “California Sober.” 

“So I’m California sober as they say / Lately I can find no other way / I can’t stay out and party like I did back in the day / So I’m California sober as they say,” they sing together in the chorus.

Stream the track HERE.  

Willie Jones – “Something To Dance To”

Willie Jones is setting the tone for his upcoming major label debut album with the release of the title track, “Something To Dance To.” The carefree song joins hands with the power of music as the rising singer/songwriter invites listeners to dance to the style of their choosing, whether that be Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, the Cha Cha Slide, a “lil’ Boot Scoot Boogie,” or anything else that gets them up on their feet. With the help of songwriters Eric Ares and Cary Barlowe, Jones penned the upbeat tune equipped with steel guitar, positive energy, and boasting vocals. 

“Something To Dance To personifies me and what I’m really about, which is bringing electricity, positive vibes and celebrating,” Jones said of the new project in a press release. “Ever since I was a kid, I liked to get the energy up and change the vibration of a room. If we’re gonna show up, let’s show out and have some fun!”

Stream the track HERE.

Danielle Bradbery – “Monster”

Danielle Bradbery is opening up about her battles with anxiety, which she dubs the “Monster” in her new song. The vulnerable track came from a writing trip in LA that turned into a form of therapy that allowed her to be open about some personal struggles and the “monsters” that she and many others can’t seem to shake. The female songstress lets the weighted lyrics and soul-stirring vocals speak her truth, which was brought to life alongside fellow songwriters Lauren LaRue and Sam De Jong and producer Derek Wells.

“I went to Los Angeles for a writing trip last year and the songs I was trying to create, weren’t aligning with where my mind and heart were at,” Bradbery shared honestly in a statement. “On the last morning, I was feeling anxious and knew I needed to write about it. I started talking about living with anxiety, something I’ve struggled with for a while – how the weight of it can feel like a monster that doesn’t leave you alone, causing you to be someone you’re not and at times, can almost be crippling to your body.”

Stream the track HERE.

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