New Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Lindsay Ell, Tyler Booth, Alana Springsteen & More

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Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are seven new country songs you need to hear right now.

Lindsay Ell – “Sweet Spot”

Lindsay Ell’s battles with the highs and lows of life inspired her to learn to appreciate when she finally finds that “Sweet Spot.” In her new song, penned alongside Mark Campbell and Peter Groenwald, Ell unleashes the story of two lovebirds who form a perfect harmony and complete each other in a way they always wanted in a relationship. The upbeat track signals a wave of dreamy vocals and marks the artist’s first single of 2023.

“Growing up, I learned how to ‘ride the wave’ of life most successfully by floating in the middle of the highs and lows but now I think that both pain and success give us beautiful perspectives on how to learn from our experiences and be grateful for what we have,” Ell shared in a press release. “The sweet spot is something you can only find when you’ve been on both sides of it and that wouldn’t be possible without the constant ping-pong of life. I hope this song brings some levity — and a little dance party — to those currently making their way through these unpredictable highs and lows.”

Stream the track HERE.

Roman Alexander – “Bourbon Street” 

Roman Alexander illustrates a clear-as-day memory that was made while walking down “Bourbon Street.” As he puts one foot in front of the other, the singer/songwriter finds himself falling for a new love interest. The pair writes their own story, one that strays from the usual antics of this famed street of New Orleans. Instead of having a drink that leads to a one-night stand, they were “Gettin high on getting closer,” in the tune penned by Alexander with Jared Keim (Rascal Flatts, Dustin Lynch) and Allison Veltz (Carly Pearce, Matt Stell) and co-produced by Keim and Jerry Flowers. 

“‘Bourbon Street’ is the perfect nod to country music, with a flare of my classic influences,” Alexander explained. “I wanted something that felt familiar but fresh and when you close your eyes and listen, you are instantly taken to a summer night in New Orleans.”

Stream the track HERE.

Ryan Griffin – “What I Live For” 

Ryan Griffin reveals that he’s searching for something much deeper than what’s on the surface in his latest release, “What I Live For.” Through his up-tempo, cheerful demeanor and ever-so-catchy chorus, the rising star takes a fresh new perspective on the things that truly matter in life. Instead of lending his energy to material things, he’s savoring every moment with the people that he loves. Written by Griffin alongside Cameron Bedell and Sam Ellis and produced by Ellis and Red Street’s CEO Jay DeMarcus, “What I Live For” serves as the start of a new musical chapter for the singer/songwriter. 

“We all have that thing that gets us up in the morning — that person that makes us smile with just a look. For me, it’s my wife and kids, the smell of my mama’s home cooking, or a day out on the water,” Griffin shared. “When listeners hear the song, I hope they think about the things in life that bring a smile to their faces — the things that make all the bad days better. Cheers to the ones that love us well and the memories that make up our lives!”

Stream the track HERE.

Tyler Booth – “Bring On The Neon”

Tyler Booth’s Kentucky-born, baritone vocals come to life in his brand-new song, “Bring On The Neon.” The rising country artist experienced a full-circle moment when he got the chance to pen this tune with his musical influences Jamey Johnson and Jeremy Popoff. The determined lyrics take a deep dive into Booth’s core emotions as the sentimental melody breathes new life into his ongoing journey toward chasing his dreams. 

“‘Bring On The Neon’ is a story about how hard the road is out here and it sure takes its toll on ya, especially your personal relationships,” Booth said of his latest release. “It’s about when one chapter ends, a new one begins, and the sacrifices we make chasing our dreams. Personally, this thing sure hasn’t been overnight for me. I’ve been busting my tail out here. Writing this one with Jamey and Popoff and getting to put it out is a reminder that hard work pays off. I look forward to hearing what people think about the song and what it means to them.”

Stream the track HERE.

Brandy Clark – “Buried”

Brandy Clark has unveiled the first single off her highly-anticipated new self-titled album. Produced by 9-time Grammy-winning star Brandi Carlile, Clark’s 11-track project is due out May 19 on Warner Records. Her poignant new song titled, “Buried,” finds the songstress demanding some answers as she reveals a strong desire to choose her next direction. With great sincerity, Clark reveals her stunning vocals, which are texturized by the emotion behind the longing lyrics.

“If you don’t want me / If you’re beyond me / If you don’t love me anymore,” Clark delivers in the gentle track before revealing how she plans to overcome the impending rejection. “I’ll read lonesome dove / Fall asleep to hallelujah / I’ll take some trippy drug / Makes me forget I even knew ya / I’ll paint the floor to ceiling blue / Believe me baby I got things to do.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Alana Springsteen – “goodbye looks good on you (feat. Mitchell Tenpenny)” 

When it comes to a breakup, Alana Springsteen is choosing to take the high road, at least that’s how the story goes in her latest release featuring Mitchell Tenpenny, “goodbye looks good on you.” Co-produced by Chris LaCorte (Sam Hunt, Cole Swindell) and Springsteen, the country stars put their own spin on a classic breakup anthem. Instead of placing blame and hateful regrets, Springsteen and her former tourmate choose to hold nothing but happiness and well-wishes for each other while taking turns on the mature verses. This song marks the fourth track off TWENTY SOMETHING: Messing It Up, the first installment of Springsteen’s three-part debut album.

“When we were writing that song, Mitchell and I were talking about what it would be like if you could break up with someone and recognize that it was for the best,” recalls Springsteen. “I’ve personally never had that experience so it’s pretty idealistic, but I love the idea of making a clean break and being able to move on as friends.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Randall King – “Green Eyes Blue” 

All it took to tame Randall King’s wild dating life was the thought of never wanting to turn his dream girl’s “Green Eyes Blue.” In the new song, the rising honky-tonk singer tells the sweet story of how meeting the right person changed his perspective on love and romance. He went from stealing hearts to wanting to settle down and leave his past behind with the goal of keeping sadness away from his other half.  King’s deep vocals have once again found a way to capture the listeners’ heartstrings and leave them feeling hopeful about finding their own special person. 

“I wrote this a couple years back with Randy Montana about this great green-eyed girl I know ; ),” King wrote on social media in reference to his girlfriend who inspired the track. “It’s about being a better man and leaving your wild ways behind to not hurt the one you love.”

Stream the track HERE.

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