Watch Priscilla Block Get Swarmed By Puppies On The ‘Pupdate’

todayFebruary 28, 2023

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The Country Now Pupdate returns with Priscilla Block!

The songstress took a break from her busy touring schedule to play with adoptable puppies from Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue and answer a few questions about her latest project, working with Justin Moore, life on the road, and much more. 

On a rare day at home in Nashville, Tennessee, Block arrived at the Country Now studio and was first surprised with her Country Now Award for Favorite Debut Project for her album, Welcome To The Block Party. 

Priscilla Block; Photo by Anna Clary
Priscilla Block; Photo by Anna Clary

Deluxe Album Out Now

After receiving her shiny new award, Block opened up about her decision to release a deluxe version of her debut album.

“I feel like the Block Party era has been so special and I wanted to continue just to give the fans a little bit more and let them in on some other songs that I wrote during that time of my life,” she shared. 


Her latest release, Welcome To The Block Party Deluxe, features four additional tracks, including the super personal “Me Pt. 2” written solely by Block.  

Priscilla Block; Photo by Anna Clary
Priscilla Block; Photo by Anna Clary

While four puppies caused a ruckus around her, Block went on to share how she manages to be so open and honest with fans. 

“Honestly, I’ve never really been hesitant about just being myself. I think that’s why my music kind of resonates with people. It’s like, whether I’m singing about gaining weight or some guy that broke my heart, it’s just, that’s me. I like just keeping it, keeping it real.” 

Justin Moore Collab

In addition to the release of her deluxe album, Block is also climbing the charts with “You, Me, And Whiskey,” her smoldering duet with country hitmaker Justin Moore. 

Recalling how the duet came about, Block shared, “So Justin, I’m a huge Justin Moore fan. I’ve always been a big fan of his. We met each other at a show and he told me, he is like, ‘Hey, if there’s anything that I can do to help you, like please just let me know.’”

Priscilla Block; Photo by Anna Clary
Priscilla Block; Photo by Anna Clary

Fast forward a few months, and Block received an unexpected text message. 

“He got that song and he was like, ‘let’s ask Priscilla if she wants to do it.’ I’m like, ‘how’d you get my number?’ Also, ‘who else did you ask?’ He said, ‘I just asked you’. I said ‘alright, sweet.’ But no, I love the song. I listened to it and immediately was like, ‘this feels so right and it feels like me,’ you know?” 

Together, the artists recently brought the song to life in a steamy music video, which was a career-first for Priscilla Block. 

Priscilla Block; Photo by Anna Clary
Priscilla Block; Photo by Anna Clary

“So the music video for ‘You, Me, And Whiskey’ was like so much fun to make because that was the first time that we ever had hired outside actors to do a full scene together. And it was amazing watching them work, you know what I mean? Like, they were immediately like in their roles and I’m sitting there, I’m like, this is steamy. Put some fans on in here. But it was really cool just watching them do what they do and I’m obsessed.” 

For more with Priscilla Block, including the strangest place she’s ever played a show, the inspiration behind her gas station outfits, and more click above to watch the Pupdate. 

Priscilla Block; Photo by Anna Clary
Priscilla Block; Photo by Anna Clary

About Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue

Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue, a foster-based 501c3 charitable organization based in Middle Tennessee, is run primarily by volunteers. Proverbs is totally dedicated to all animals they rescue. For more on Proverbs and to donate, click HERE

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